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August 30, 2013
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Amanda's Lucky Day

"Such a wonderful day for a walk. Nice, warm and sunny", Amanda said to herself as she was sat on a bench, located in a beautiful park in town.
The sun had been shining all day, thus the young blonde woman was wearing a nice green summer dress that reaches down to her knees, as well as a pair of black strappy sandals.
With her legs folded, Amanda had a nice look around the park.
There was young kids happily playing together on a grassy field, people getting a tan and others lining up in front of a small shop to get some ice-cream or cold drinks.
"Oh, what do I see here...", Amanda thought as her eyes focused on a slightly dirty pair of feet, belonging to a nicely built redhead, that was laying on a blanket in closer range.

While Amanda took more glances at the nice looking feet and imagined that she was laying right in front of them to lick the soles and suck the toes, she didn't notice that she had gotten company.
An asian teen girl, about 18 years old, with long black hair tied into a ponytail and with a green ribbon added, sat down next to the young foot fetishist.
She was wearing a light blue kimono with white edges, as well as geta, the traditional japanese wooden sandals without any socks.

"It's a wonderful day isn't it?", the beautiful looking girl asked and smiled at Amanda, who didn't respond to the question as she was deep in her fantasy world still.
"Um... hello? You there?", she then asked after a few seconds of silence, waving her right hand in front of the blonde's face., who as result snapped out of her nice daydream, just to be dragged back into reality.
"Huh?", she asked out as she looked at the asian girl next to her, then blushed.
"I'm sorry, I was just in my own world...", Amanda then said, feeling embarrassed about not paying attention.
"I noticed hehe", the brown-eyed teen girl giggled and smiled sweetly before adding, "But it's alright. Sometimes it's nice to dive into your own world and leave behind the troubles of reality".
"That's true", Amanda replied and smiled back.

The kimono-clad girl folded her legs, putting the right over the left one, so the arch of her right foot was pointing towards the blonde foot lover.
"Might be best to introduce myself. My name is Risa", she then said and smiled.
"Nice to meet you Risa, I'm Amanda", the young woman replied happily.
It was then that she noticed Risa's foot.
Her feet was big looking, with medium long and pudgy toes, medium high arches and smooth looking skin.
Amanda blushed immediately at the sight, but did her best to keep eye contact with Risa to not be found out.
She was worried that the nice asian girl she just met would run off if her secret was uncovered.

"S-so what do you do for a living?", Amanda asked to keep the focus on something else, yet trying to take glances, whenever Risa wasn't looking.
"I work as a waitress in my parents' restaurant. They run a japanese restaurant in town called "Tsukimura Ryoutei". If you like japanese food, you might wanna give us a try", the young waitress said and smiled.
Despite enjoying the view of Risa's feet, Amanda noticed the japanese teen's stunning smile, that she was sure could easily melt any guys' and even many girls' hearts.
"Wow that's very nice. I heard good things about this place, I haven't been there yet though. I'll definitely give it a try, even more with such a nice waitress working there", the pretty blonde replied and smiled back at Risa.
"Aww thank you. That's really nice of you to say", the dark-haired girl replied and started dangling her sandal, which was immediately noticed by Amanda, who focused on the beautiful looking foot.

Going back to her fantasy world for a bit, she quickly snapped out of it, remembering that she wouldn't wanna be caught staring at a possibly new friend's feet.
"Amanda, pull yourself together. Don't let your desires overcome you", she thought.
Once she had regained full control of herself, Amanda looked at Risa again, who just grinned in a nice yet playful seeming way.
"You spaced out again like earlier Amanda. Did you see something you like?", the waitress asked and dangled her sandal quicker, while also wiggling her cute, black painted toes.
"W-w-what do you mean?", Amanda then replied nervously and blushed.
"Oh nothing special. With your earlier stares at the redhead over there and looking down now for a bit, I thought you might like the sight of what's at the end of my legs", the japanese teen explained and teased, which made the young blonde woman blush even deeper.

"I-I-It's summer many girls w-walk around b-barefoot at this time. Is j-just a coincidence", Amanda told Risa and tried to deny her true thoughts, but with all the stuttering it was obvious that the waitress was right with her comment.
"Oh I see. Well maybe I misjudged it then", Risa then said and intentionally dropped her sandal, allowing the young woman next to her a look at her long and perfectly taken care of sole.
Upon sight, Amanda's heart was racing, her hands and forehead got a little sweaty and her blush grew even further than before.
Despite not wanting to be found out, Risa's tease lured her out completely and revealed her foot fetish to the beautiful teen girl.
"Oh my god, such a sexy sole. Just as hot as Kelsey's", she thought and stared at the sole.
"Oops! I think I just dropped my sandal~", Risa said and acted as if it had been an 'accident'.

"I-I-It's alright... I d-don't mind", Amanda said.
"Hehe I thought so. Let me guess... You have a foot fetish huh?", Risa asked with a playful smile on her face.
"Um... no... I-I-I....", Amanda started, but then continued.
"Yes I do...", she then admitted, knowing she had lost the fight to keep her fetish a secret.
"There you go. Wasn't too hard to admit, was it?", the big footed waitress asked and still looked cheerful instead of being weirded out or even disgusted.
"W-well... I didn't wanna be so obvious, but I couldn't help but look at your foot. It's so stunningly beautiful...", the blonde explained.
"Aww, thank you so much. I pamper them a lot. It's fine that you were looking. I've gotten a sense for foot people one could say. I got a few friends with a foot fetish. I have a talent of running into them", Risa told Amanda and grinned.
"Wow... and you don't mind it?", Amanda asked curiously.
"I don't mind it at all. I actually think it's fun. I love to have my feet played with. How about you? Do you have someone to live your fetish out with?"

"Well... I live with my friends Jen and Kelsey, but I can't bring myself to tell them about my fetish. Whenever I gather enough courage to tell them, I either chicken out or something gets in the way...", she explained, her facial expression turning into a rather sad one.
Seeing Amanda's reaction, Risa thought for a short moment, then smiled warmly at the blonde woman and put her left hand on her new acquaintances' shoulder.
"I'm really sorry to hear it Amanda. I hope you will gather the courage to one day tell them about your fetish. Since you are such a nice girl... How about we go to my place and I let you worship my super soft size 10's?", Risa offered.
Amanda's eyes lit up in an instant, once she heard what Risa said.
Turning to her she happily shouted: "REALLY?!? You'd let me do that?"
From one moment to the next Amanda's emotions turned from sad to a state of feeling like the happiest person in the world.
"Yes really", Risa replied and nodded.
"Thank you! Thank you so much Risa!", the blonde said happily and hugged the japanese girl.

"Well let's get going then. It's just down the road", the young waitress told Amanda and slipped her sandal back on, then got up, leading her new friend to a small house near the park.
"There we are. Let's get in and make you happy", Risa said and smirked, with Amanda happily following and nodding.
"May I offer you something?", the teen girl asked, treating her guest just as to be expected from a good waitress and host.
"No thank you, I'm fine", Amanda replied and giggled.
"I can imagine you are hehe. Please go to the living room, I just get something to drink. I could use something after my shift", she explained and walked off to the kitchen.
Despite being told to go to the living room, Amanda waited for Risa to return with a glass of orange juice.

"So let's go to have some fun", Risa said and winked, leading her guest into the living room.
Sitting down in an armchair, the brown-eyed teen put her feet up on a footstool.
Without wasting any second, the blonde woman sat down in front of the stool and quickly removed the sandals to reveal her amazingly soft soles that were without any blemishes.
Risa wiggled her toes teasingly, signalizing Amanda to start, which her new friend happily did.
The friendly foot lover began to kiss the waitresses’ pinkish soles with great joy.
“Wow~! Such amazingly soft soles~”, she said happily as she planted kiss after kiss onto the smooth surface of Risa’s feet.
“Mmmmmmmmmmm this is nice~! You’ve got some mmmmmmm nicely soft lips Amanda mmmmmm!, Risa moaned happily at the nice sensations she felt.
“Thanks a lot. I do my best to keep them in shape, just like you do with your feet”, the blonde replied and giggled, while kissing more.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I can feel that mmmmmmmmmm so wonderful”, Risa moaned and let her soles get kissed for a while, enjoying the worship and her cold drink.
Deciding to be playful, she bowed forwards and poured some of the orange juice onto her feet, letting the fruity tasting juice slowly run down her soles and toes.
A short squeal left the asian teen girl’s lips as the cold liquid made contact with her warm skin.
“How about you try the orange juice too. It’s really tasty~”, Risa teased and winked.
“I’d love to!”, Amanda replied and started to lick the juice off of the black-haired girl’s long soles.
“MMMMMMMM Oh this is MMMMMMMMM very nice~”, the waitress moaned as her soles were licked lovingly by the blonde woman, who pressed her tongue deep into the pillow soft skin.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM how about MMMMMMMMMMMM you give my toes some love too?”, Risa playfully suggested, which was replied by a simple nod from Amanda, who then pushed her tongue between and around the asian teen’s toes and gently sucked on them.
With a deep blush on her cheeks, but a very happy feeling inside.
“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHH PERFECT! MMMMMMMMMMM THIS IS GREAT MMMMMMMMMMM!!”, Risa moaned in delight from the licks and sucks on her toes.
The whole session went on for about 1 hour in which Amanda kissed, licked and sucked on Risa’s soles and toes, happy to finally having been able to worship a pair of feet.
“Feel free to come over, whenever you are in need of feet to play with”, Risa said invitingly as the girls prepared to part.

“Thank you so much Risa. I will and I’m determined to let my friends in on my secret too. I’ll repay you for what you’ve done for me and let me do”, Amanda said happily and hugged Risa.
“You’re welcome hehe. No need to do anything, but if you insist you could visit me in the restaurant or come by and treat me to a few tickles. That’s all I need”, Risa replied and hugged back.
“See you soon, Risa”, Amanda said and waved her new friend goodbye.
“Bye bye”, Risa replied and waved back, then closed the door behind her with a smile.
This is my entry for a contest held by :iconillionore: for the :iconjen-fan: group to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the stories revolving around his many OC Jen and her friends.

For my entry I thought it would be nice to have his character Amanda meet my OC Risa.
Amanda is a girl with a foot fetish, yet never get's the chance to play with a pair of feet. (Kinda a female version of myself...)
So the story has Amanda being lucky to meet Risa, who loves her feet being played with and gets an offer she can't refuse.

EDIT: I did it!! The story has won the writing contest! I'm really proud and honored. I'm feeling really happy about it^^

I hope you guys like the story, so please comment and fave if you enjoy it :)
Please wish me luck for the contest.
The winner of the writing contest has his story illustrated, which would be like a dream come true for me :)

Risa is (c) to :iconfeatherblade2008:
Amanda is (c) to :iconillionore:
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TiedupTemari Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is a really good story. It was a pleasure to read. Excellent work! Love
featherblade2008 Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you really much! I'm really happy to feel that way about the story :)

Also, sorry for the late reply. Work kept me too busy to really be able to reply to all the comments i get^^;
TiedupTemari Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You are welcome! And don't worry about it!
:love: blade u r a great writer!
featherblade2008 Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a ton hun~!
Makes me happy to hear that my works are liked :)
Hun? Lol, really blade?
featherblade2008 Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i'm used to calling my female friends on dA hun^^;
:D (Big Grin) ^^ glad 2 know I'm it friend.
featherblade2008 Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Do I need to say anything else ? I seriously can't get enough of your writing style.

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