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July 28, 2012
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Miyuki's Big Day With Miku Hatsune

Miyuki was sat at home. It was very warm outside as the summer holidays were just starting. Today though, the usually quiet and calm girl was really nervous. She took part in a contest and emerged victorious from it. This earned her an amazing prize. The pink haired teen girl had won a meet and greet with her favorite singer Miku Hatsune, who was gonna come to her house to answer questions. "I can't wait for her to come~ I hope she's as awesome as she's on videos", she stated and grinned.

As Miyuki ecstatically sat in her home waiting for Miku to arrive, a car silently pulled up to her residence only for the door to open at which point the star herself stepped out of the car. "Alright, this should only be a few hours correct?", as an unknown person inside the car gave her confirmation she closed the door and watched it drive off. "Well, here we go, I hope this is going to be amazing", she said as smiled and walked up to the door finally ringing the doorbell.

Squealing a bit as she was surprised by the sudden and unexpectedly early appearance of the Superstar that was about to visit, Miyuki jumped up and rushed to the door to open the door for Miku. As she was downstairs she stopped at the door. "Calm down Miyuki..", the pink haired teen girl thought to herself. Taking a deep breathe first she opened the door.

Miku then turned to face the door as it opened and revealed the pink-haired fan eager to welcome her. "Hello there, you must be Miyuki Takara am I right", Miku said with a smile on her face.
"H-hello. Y-yes I am Miyuki", she confirmed and nodded being nervous as her favorite star was stood in front of her. "Welcome to my h-house. P-please come in Miku", Miyuki welcomed the teal-haired teen singer and gestured her to come in with her. As it was a hot day, Miyuki was wearing a cute white summer dress that ended past her knees, with flowers on it aswell as white knee long socks and some cute red flat shoes.

"Thank you so much Miyuki", Miku said as she walked inside Miyuki's house stopping right at the threshold and began removing her boots from her feet, as she got the boots she then slowly slipped them off reveal her incredibly soft and sexy barefeet as she then stepped into Miyuki's house. "Ah, it really feels so nice to get out of those boots for a bit." Miku said as she wiggled her toes feeling the cool air on her hot feet.
"Y-your welcome", the lucky fangirl answered. Her eyes widened as she saw that Miku was wearing boots on such a day and most of all barefoot. Being glad that Miku was busy taking her boots off so she wasn't able to notice, Miyuki gazed upon her popular guest's bare feet. "Wow~ Her feet are amazing... Those look very pampered. It's not just the doing of regular pedicures. I bet she takes alot of care herself~", the 5'5'' tall school girl thought to herself as she waited for Miku to finish, blushing a little as her medium long and slender toes wiggled cutely.
"Yeah I bet it feels nice hehe. May I offer you a drink and maybe some slippers?", Miyuki then asked even more nervous and trying not to stare at the one year younger girl's sexy bare feet.

"Some cold water would be nice thank you, and I'd love a pair of slippers to use", Miku said, with the smile on her face being a warm and comforting one, all the while not realizing that Miyuki was staring at her bare feet.
"Sure. You're welcome", Miyuki replied. "Please follow me", she then said as she led the famous girl to the living room. "Feel free to sit wherever you like. I'll be back in a bit to get you the water", she said and went to a cupboard with a few pairs of slippers inside the Takara family has stored for when guests visit. "Um.. S-so I bring you the right ones.. may I ask what's your s-shoesize?", Miyuki asked nervously as she had always wondered about this little detail.
"Thank you", Miku responded as she took a seat. "Oh yes, I'm a size 7 I hope you have them", Miku said with a giggle in her voice, still oblivious to Miyuki's fascination with her feet.
"Y-you're welcome. S-sure we have them. It's a nice regular size", Miyuki replied and picked up a pair and bringing it over to Miku before leaving towards the kitchen, coming back a minute later with a tray with two bottles of cold water and two glasses filled with the thirst killing liquid.

As Miyuki walked back into the room with the water in hand, Miku was playfully dangling a slipper off of her foot. "Oh thank you so much, I'm parched", Miku said with enthusiasm in her voice.
Teased as she saw Miku dangle the slipper, she nodded at Miku's happy reaction , who was finally able to drink something. Upon placing the tray, she went over to the cupboard again and slipped out of her cute red shoes to replace them with a pair of slippers aswell. As she grabbed her slippers she showed off the soles of her white socked feet before walking back and sitting down next to her guest. "Alright... a-anything special y-you wanna do?", she then asked, looking and smiling at Miku, sporting a cute slight blush on her cheeks.

"Hm, how about you tell me a little about yourself Miyuki, you seem to be quite the interesting girl", Miku said with a general sense of wonder.
"Oh s-sure, t-thank y-you. W-well, I am 17 years old and still going to school. I'm considered to be athletic cause I can run faster than any other girl in my school without being really tired in the end. I love to read mangas and books.. hmm...", Miyuki told Miku and thought about more things she could tell the singer about herself.
"My my, you really do seem to be well rounded don't you, so just between you and me is there anything that really makes you excited", Miku said with a smile on her face, almost like she's trying to imply something.
"U-um w-what d-do you m-mean?", Miyuki then asked, blushing more and getting very nervous at the question.
"I mean, is there anything that when you see it, it makes you happy beyond words, that when you get to be with it the rest of the world just disappears?", Miku said her wonder increasing.
"Hmm n-not s-sure... I g-guess there is", Miyuki answered, blushing more at the more detailed question Miku asked her, worried that Miku noticed her taking glances at her feet.
At this point Miku takes her bare feet out of her slippers. "I didn't notice it at first, but as time went on, there were some clues that gave it away. So I can tell you have a bit of a foot fetish Miyuki", Miku said with a cute giggle.
In the same moment Miku spoke the words 'foot' and 'fetish' Miyuki blushed deeply in embaressment. She was interested in feet and liked looking at them for some time, never really knowing why until she read about the topic. Able to hide it from her friends, out of all people in the world, her favorite singer was the one to find out about it. "W-well I k-kinda do", she started seeing that there was no point in lying to Miku now, "I read a manga i liked alot and when i read them.. i kinda g-go to my own w-world and the guy in t-there liked feet a-and it g-got me interested...", Miyuki explained in complete embaressment about the situation that seemed like a bad dream to her. Making the best out of it, she took a look at Miku's feet as they appeared from out of the slippers.

"It's alright Miyuki, I understand how you feel. I have a bit of a foot fetish aswell so I know what it's like to try and hide it from others. So Miyuki, would you like to play with mine for a bit? Since we're the only ones here at the moment, it's the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in it", Miku suggested and lifted her feet up showing her bare soles to Miyuki.
"R-r-re-really?", Miyuki asked, being really shy and completely nervous as she heard Miku's offer aswell as her confession. It was too good to be true for Miyuki. While staring at the soles of her favorite star's bare feet, she took a moment, but then nodded.
"Y-yes I'd l-love to play with them". Even though the pink haired girl with big round glasses had just recently discovered her admiration for feet, she wished to see and play with Miku's feet. Unlike the many fanboys who like feet, SHE was the one who was able to do this.
"T-thanks s-so much Miku~", she then said and took a close look at Miku's soles and toes. Her tops were sexy already and so were her soles. Nervously she moved her face closer and closer to them, before finally beginning to softly kiss the heels as she sniffed the fellow teen's toes, wondering about their kind of smell.

"I'm glad to know you're not afraid to try things when you get the chance", Miku said as she felt the soft lips of Miyuki kissing her heels and the air coming from her nose as she exhaled. "So Miyuki, have you tried this with any of your friends yet?", Miku asked she relaxed in her seat from the attention to her feet.
"I-i-i'm not a-afraid of t-th-that. Ohhhhh s-such amazingly s-smooth soles", Miyuki told Miku as she kept kissing all over the sole, still sniffing deeply. "Never t-tried... was s-scared to t-tell them", Miyuki then explained.
"Oh my, Miyuki you really are good at this, are you sure you've never done this before" Miku said melting in her seat as she felt Miyuki's lips moving to her sole, causing her to fan her toes out then close them over and over.
"N-no never~", the lucky girl said as she nearly reached a state Miku described earlier as she was about to forget everything around her and Miku and most of all Miku's sexy feet and perfectly treated soles. Also, she felt more confident and the stuttering from shyness slowly faded from her. "I-I have a-an idea", she suddenly said as she began to lick the singers arches.

"Mmmmmm Miyuki, this feels amazing. I love this feeling so much" Miku said as a wave of pleasure ran over her as she felt Miyuki's tongue giving particular attention to the blue haired girl's soles.
"Glad y-you like it but u-um... Miku I-I kinda got an idea...", Miyuki repeated as Miku must have been in her own world aswell, melting away at the pleasure she was feeling from the pink haired bookworm's soft tongue.
After hearing Miyuki say something, Miku snapped back to reality. "Hm, wait so what's your idea Miyuki?" Miku asked genuinely curious about what Miyuki wanted to try with her feet.

"Well... since you said you have a kinda foot fetish aswell... Wanna play with mine maybe?", Miyuki smiled as she slipped out of her slippers and laid down aswell, her face close to Miku's soles as her sweaty socks were close to Miku's face. "What do you think? Would be the perfect moment for you to indulge in it aswell isn't it?", she then teased the girl with the teal colored hair.
"That sounds nice, you don't mind me playing with your feet" Miku said as she sat up and gently grabbed Miyuki's sock clad feet and placed them in her lap as she then pinched both socks by the toes and slowly peeled them off of the pink haired girls slightly sweaty feet exposing them to the cool air. "Wow Miyuki, you have such cute feet, I can't wait to try them out.", Miku said as smelled between Miyuki's toes while lightling kissing her soles.
"Mmmm, they are so amazing Miyuki", Miku said giving so much attention to Miyuki's feet.

Still enjoying the smell of the famous feet in front of her Miyuki wiggled her own toes as she felt her soles being kissed by Miku's soft lips. "Thank you so much Miku. I'm glad you like my size 8's", Miyuki stated and enjoyed the kisses to her flawless pinkish soles.
"This is like a dream come true~", Miyuki thought as she was really happy that she was able to live out her fantasy now.
Having her nose stuck between the softly wiggling toes of her new friend, Miku smelled a mixed smell of lavender lotion mixed with a scent of cheese.

"No problem Miyuki, I've never seen a girl with size 8's before. Although I suppose it gives me more room for this", Miku said as she gently licked Miyuki's arches as she winced at the feeling of Miyuki sticking her nose between her toes, trying to keep her toes spread wide.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm this is so good~", Miyuki moaned in enjoyment as she felt Miku's soft warm tongue gently lick all over her smooth soles and spread her toes in delight making it easier for Miku to sniff between them.
"Wow Miyuki, your feet are perfect they're a good size, they smell great and they taste amazing", Miku said as she kept licking Miyuki's arches and soles loving the taste and smell.
"Mmmmmm~ Well I can say the same about your feet Miku mmmmmm. They are so amazing aswell", the pink haired girl replied and happily licked aswell until stopping after a while and looking at Miku who was still enjoying her bare feet.
As she kept smelling between Miyuki's toes, Miku noticed Miyuki had stopped paying attention to her feet. "Hm, is sometihng wrong Miyuki why did you stop playing with my feet", she asked while nuzzling Miyuki's bare soles.
Widely grinning at Miku, Miyuki stared at the teal haired singer for a few seconds before speaking up. "Well... I thought it would be fun to have a little different fun. Let's play a game and the winner can do with the losers feet whatever they want", Miyuki suggested, her grin turning into a playful smile, followed by a wink.

Slightly blushing from the wink that Miyuki gave her, Miku began to wonder what she was saying. "So what kind of game are you thinking about playing Miyuki", Miku asked as she thought about the fun she could have with Miyuki's bare feet.
"Hmm... how do you feel about tickling Miku?", Miyuki asked curiously, not yet giving any details, but moving it into a certain direction.
"T-Tickling, sorry b-but I'm not really ticklish" Miku said trying not to let Miyuki know just how ticklish her feet are.
"Awww I don't believe you Miku hehe. I bet a girl like you who pampers her feet the way you do it has to be unbearably ticklish on her feet~", Miyuki teased Miku in a mean way and sat up, pulling her bared feet away from her famous friend.

"Aw can't I keep playing with your feet Miyuki and sure I do pamper my feet, but they've just never been that ticklish trust me Luka has tried", Miku said as she wiggled her toes in ticklish anticipation, hoping to persuade Miyuki not to tickle her feet.
"Really? Well... I rather see for myself hehe", Miyuki giggled and quickly stroked a finger down Miku's left sole to test her reaction.
As Miyuki dragged her finger down Miku's soft and highly sensitive sole, Miku bit her lip in an effort to keep her laughter from escaping her lips. "S-See, I'm n-not ticklish at all", Miku said while stifling her laughter.
"Awww don't try to hide it Miku. I noticed how close you are to breaking out...", Miyuki told the singer and teased both soles the way she did before, now just a few times in random order to keep her surprised and let her break into laughter.
"I d-don't kknow what you're t-talking about", Miku said all the while the ticklish feelings she had were bubbling their way to the surface as Miyuki tickled her soles.

"Oh we'll see...", Miyuki then said in a kinda mysterious yet menacing way and stopped the teasing before kneeling up. "So Miku, wanna play my little game?"
As Miyuki stopped tickling the teal haired girls soles, she finally was able to catch her breath. "Sure, I'll play you're game I hope your ready to lose", Miku said playfully.
"I hope the same for you cause we'll be having a tickle fight now! And the winner gets to tie up the loser and do with her feet whatever they like", Miyuki explained and hoped that Miku would want to try her luck.
Although the thought of her losing the contest and being tied up and having her feet played with by Miyuki slightly scared her, she finally made up  her mind. "Alright, I'd love to have a tickle fight with you", Miku said as she imagined herself winning and what she'd do to Miyuki's feet.
"Good then let's go~", Miyuki shouted out and jumped Miku , trying to reach for the singer's sides and ribs.
"Hehehey easy now", Miku said as she tickled Miyuki's sides.
"Ahahahahaha no no hahahaha!", Miyuki began to laugh a bit as she was ticklish on her sides, yet not too much to make her beg or give up, as she quickly spidered her fingers up and down the singer's ribs and sides.
"Hehehehehehe is thahahahat all you've got", Miku playfully taunted as she moved her hands to Miyuki's stomach and tickled all over it.

"KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH MY HAHAHAHAHHA!", the nerdy girl laughed out loudly, indicating Miku that she had found a weakness. Determined to not let Miku get away with it, Miyuki moved her hands a little further down and tickled the teen star's hips.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH GOD, IT TIHIHIHIHIHICKLES SO MUCH", Miku screamed as her sensitive hips were being tormented by the pink haired girl who was laughing herself, at which point Miku started tickling her bellybutton with one finger while squeezing Miyuki's hips with her free hand.
"IYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY HAHAHAHA YOU'RE GOOD AT THIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIS!", Miyuki admittted as she laughed harder and harder, not willing to give in to the teal haired superstar as she dug her fingernails deeper into Miku's hips as they proved to be a weakness.
"HAHAHAHEHEHEHEHAHAHA SO ARE YOU HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. Miku said while laughing hysterically from Miyuki's relentless fingers on her hips, as Miku kept digging deeper into Miyuki's hips as well.

"IYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHA NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!", Miyuki laughed really hard and tried to pull away from Miku to replan her attack. In order to do so she threw herself back in hope to get free.
"Hehe, I think I see an opening Miyuki" Miku said as she leaned forward and began squeezing Miyuki's knees.
"NYAHAhahaHAHAhahahAHAhaha not reahahahahahahahahlly~", Miyuki half giggled - half laughed, in reaction to her knees being squeezed. Seeing an opening herself she wrapped her arms around the singer's chest locking her in them and wiggled her fingers against Miku's armpits.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA DARN IT AHAHAHAHAHAHA", Miku laughed hysterically as she felt Miyuki's nimble fingers dance on her armpits driving her crazy, while she tried to get her hands back to Miyuki's hips.

Noticing what Miku was up to, Miyuki released Miku from her grip to back away. Taking a deep breathe she stares at her favorite star, ready for the final showdown that could decide the fight.
"Well Miyuki, it seems it's all come down to the last spot we can get on each other", Miku said looking like she was about to pounce.
"It does indeed seem like that.. Do your worst and bring it on girl!", the pink haired teen girl exclaimed with a mischievous grin on her face, closely watching every single move Miku was making.

(Miyuki's Ending)

"I intend to Miyuki", Miku said as she leapt forward to try and grab Miyuki's feet.
"Hehe I thought you'd try for that HA!", Miyuki shouted out and took a sidestep so Miku's pounce landed her in the corner of the couch. Miyuki decided to make use of this short time Miku might be confused and distracted. She quickly kneeled on the couch behind Miku and trapped the young singer's ankles with her left arm, while instantly scratching her long fingernails against Miku's smooth defenseless foot soles. "GOTCHA! Coochie coo~"

As Miku felt Miyuki's nails scratch mecilessly across her bare soles Miku went into instant hysterics. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH GOD IT TIHIHIHIHIHIHIHICKLES SO MUCH MIYUKI HEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHA", Miku screamed in laughter as the tickling went on.
"Hmm so much for claiming your feet weren't ticklish Miku...", Miyuki started and added, "If they aren't ticklish then i guess you won't give up from this even after a full hour right?", she finished with an evil grin on her face as she kept using her free hand to scratch the superstar's soles switching between them every few seconds to keep her surprised and finally make her tap out or give in.
Miku knew she couldn't last 5 minutes let alone an hour, but she was defiant to the end. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA DO YOUR WOHOHOHOHORST MIYUKI HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA", Miku said in hysterics while madly wiggling her toes.
"Ohhhhh I will Miku. believe me...", the nerdy teen replied and to Miku's surprise managed to dig her fingernails deeply into her arches and scratch right at the center of the arches, having a feeling that this spot gave the best responses.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH GOHOHOHOHOHOD THIS IS TORTURE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA", Miku screamed until, she eventually passed out from the exhaustion of it all.
Realizing that Miku wasn't reacting anymore after a while, Miyuki stopped the tickling and let go of the passed out superstar. She got some rope and hogtied the superstar to claim her prize as soon as Miku was waking up.
Finally waking up about an after she passed out, Miku tried to stretch out only to realize she couldn't, looking down she saw that she had been hogtied in her sleep. "M-Miyuki, are you there?", Miku called out in slight fear.
"Right behind you Miku", Miyuki answered as she really was sat behind the hogtied superstar and began to let her feel a mix of sensations. She began to gently lick the tops of Miku's perfect feet, while playfully wiggling her fingers against the singer's bare soles.

Miku then began to feel a mix of helplessness and an incredible tickling feeling as she felt Miyuki playing with her bare feet. "HEHEHEHE I THOHOHOUGHT YOU WERE KIDDING ABOHOHOUT THIS PART", Miku said as Miyuki's fingers and tongue worked over her feet.
"Kidding about what part, hm?", Miyuki asked and tickled softer, while licking stronger to overall increase the licking sensation.
"Mmmm, I thohohought you were kidding about mmmmmm tying up the lohohohoser and tickling them", Miku responded with a mix of moans and giggles.
"No I wasn't hehe. Don't you like it?", Miyuki then asked and giggled, confident to know Miku's answer to that question. "But you forgot that it wasn't all about tickling. Playing with the losers feet was in it aswell", Miyuki then reminded Miku as she began to suck on Miku's slender toes one by one, rubbing the soles up and down instead of tickling them.
"Mmmmm this actually feels rather mmmmmm nice Miyuki and I did forget that part", Miku said through her moans of feeling Miyuki pamper her feet.
"Hmm good thing I reminded you then hehe", Miyuki giggled joyfully as she sucked the teal-haired girls toes harder and harder as time passed, kneeding deep into the soles for an especially great massage.
"Oh my MMMMMM this feels incredible, are you sure MMMMMMMMM you've never done this before", Miku asked while feeling like she was in heaven from the attention at her feet.
"No I really haven't done it before, but I watched alot of foot fetish videos...", the pink-haired girl admitted as she kept on sucking and rubbing Miku's size 7's with delight. "Your feet are so sexy and smooth. I could play with them all day~", she then stated.
"Thanks for saying that, Well if you mmmmmmm keep this up, I just might mmmm let you", Miku said playfully to Miyuki.

"That's very nice of you Miku, but you forget that you have no say in anything for losing. Your feet are mine for as long as I desire", Miyuki explained with a wide smile on her face. Upon telling her this, Miyuki began to playfully tickle up and down Miku's vulnerable soles, keeping up the hard sucking on her toes.
"Awww thank you so much Miku", Miyuki replied and blushed at the compliment. Keeping up the mix of tickling and worship she kept tickling playfully, just focused on Miku's arches - which had already proved as being the singer's weakspot - while at the same time sucking her toes hard still and snaking her soft tongue in between the teal haired girl's even softer toes.

"Great to hear you're having so much fun with this, but you're not the only one if I may say so hehe", the pink haired school girl giggled and stopped for a short moment. "I got an idea you'll love~", she then told Miku and got up to get something, leaving her famous new friend behind for a little bit.
"M-Miyuki, why did you sound really excited about that last part?", Miku asked wondering what Miyuki was talking about.
Not answering as she had already left the room, Miyuki came back after a minute holding two long stiff goose feathers. "Look what I've got here Miku~", she teasingly said as she showed the feathers to Miku just before sitting down at her perfect feet again.

"Please Miyuki, show some mercy to me", Miku pleaded as she saw the goose feathers and tried to escape her binds to no avail.
"No worries, there's nothing bad about this", Miyuki explained to Miku as she slow and teasingly stroked the superstar's bare toes with her feathers and leaned over to softly lick deep into her arches.
"Mmmmmmmmm hehehehehehehe I suppose you're mmmmmmmmm right Miyukihihihihihi", Miku said as Miyuki's attention came back to her feet.
"See Miku..? I told you you'd love this", the pink haired girl reminded Miku, keeping the pace with which she was 'working' and greatly enjoyed herself with the amazing bare feet of her favorite idol.

"Yeah I'm mmmmmmmmmm startihihihihing to enjoy this mmmmmmmmmmmm", Miku said as she let Miyuki work on her feet.
"Good to hear you do. Makes it much more fun for you. Also I think after tickling you so much already a bigger focus on the worship is needed", Miyuki spoke with a bright smile keeping up the licking and soft toe stroking, occassionally dragging the feathers between the singer's toes.
"MMMMMMMMM You really are amahahahazing MMMMMMMM at this", Miku said happily as she felt Miyuki's tongue pamper her feet along with the feathers occasionally teasing her toes.
"Thank you so so much Miku. I do my best so we both have fun", Miyuki smiled brightly and seemed really happy about the praise.

Further licking and teasing Miku's soles and toes for several more minutes, Miyuki suddenly stopped and was almost petrified. "Oh crap...".
"Hm, what's wrong Miyuki?", Miku said as she heard the fear in Miyuki's voice.
"Well I just saw a limousine through the window.. the same that brought you here. It's 8pm so I guess they're gonna pick you up again...", Miyuki said with a bit of fear and some disappointment in her voice, facing that fun time was over. To not get caught or anything else, she quickly untied Miku.

"Aw that's a shame, I was having so much fun having you play with my feet like that. You know what I have an idea and I think you're going to love it Miyuki" Miku says as she grabs a pen and paper, then writes something down. "Here Miyuki, this is my cell number, as soon as I get your's we'll be able to figure out when I have some down time and we can do this again", Miku said smiling Miyuki as she went up and hugged her.
As soon as she heard Miku's words and got her cell number, Miyuki smiled brightly and her eyes sparkled. "Thank you so so much Miku~ I'll text you as soon as possible so you got my number aswell. I'd love to play with you again. And next time, you can get me back hehe", she said and winked, before hugging Miku back. "Ok, I'll lead you to the door. Your people are waiting, as do your boots hehe".

"Thank you so much Miyuki, I'll never forget this day", Miku said as she was escorted to the door where she then put her boots back on, and walked back to the limo waving goodbye to Miyuki until the next time that they would meet.
"I won't forget this day aswell Miku. Thank you aswell", she smiled while going to the door and waved back at her former favorite idol, that had no become a friend for her. Smiling to herself she went back to her room, laid down on her bed and fell asleep after all the action, in her dream, continuing from where her and Miku were disturbed...

This is my version of the story for the second installment of the teamwork story.
After the Rose-Blade Project, this is the Dread-Blade Project done with my good friend :icondreadlord175:
It was alot of fun working on this story with him :)

Just as voted by you guys we thought up a story with Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid) and Miyuki Takara (Lucky Star).
I hope you guys enjoy our story and both endings we created for them.
This is the Miyuki version.
For the other ending please have a look here: [link]
No worries, you can scroll down to the marker so you don't have to read the first part again :)

Miyuki was played by :iconfeatherblade2008:
Miku was played by :icondreadlord175:

Both girls belong to their respective owners.
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simsda Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I remember reading this a while back and i still love it as much as i did back then!.Great work!.
featherblade2008 Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Damn, it's almost been 2 months since you posted this...
Shows how work eats me up -.-

Anywho, many thanks for your comment buddy. I'm glad to hear you still enjoy this story :)
It's always nice to hear when the effort was worth it :)
simsda Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah it's alright pal but yeah i loved it a lot keep it up il be on lookout for more stories from you :).
featherblade2008 Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a lot :)
In case time allows i'll keep on looking at your works too :)
Namco-NintendoFan-88 Apr 6, 2013  Student Filmographer
Such a nice foot fetish story between Miyuki and Miku... :heart:
Thanks for sharing your story with dreadlord175! :D
featherblade2008 Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks alot for your nice comment. I appreciate it :) We had lots of joy writing it. I guess that is reflected in the story :)
You're most welcome and as said we had lots of fun with it :D
Why your stories are soooo AWESOMEEEE!!!
Brilliant Job!!! :3
featherblade2008 Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you sooo much for the nice comment^^
I really appreciate that you love this one so much, yet this one wasn't done by me alone^^
Was a project with my friend :icondreadlord175:

I played Miyuki and he played Miku.
On :icondreadlord175: you can find the story with an alternate ending^^
Vocaloid-4000 Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome story!!
featherblade2008 Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks alot!
I'm glad you liked it :)
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