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August 5, 2013
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Please note that there have only been 3 episodes of RWBY aired so far.
Thus there isn't too much known about the girls and their personalities yet.
While I usually try to catch the personalities please excuse if it doesn't work this time.
But now please enjoy the story and don't forget to comment if you liked it^^


Ruby making it up to Weiss

After Ruby and Weiss had a bad start together, with Ruby tripping over the trolley with her luggage containing Dust, a powerful kind of energy the white-haired teen uses for her weapon known as Myrtenaster, Weiss was more than just angry at the girl with the black hair and red streaks in it.
Even more so, as the younger teen accidently caused a small explosion, following a sneeze from breathing in a small amount of Dust powder.
Feeling bad for getting Weiss that angry, Ruby promised to make things up to the girl with the light blue eyes.
Not sure how to do it though for the time being, she decided to let things rest until an idea arose.

After being welcomed at Beacon Academy and spending the first evening and following day together, the second evening was about to come to an end as all students were getting ready to sleep together in a big hall that's used for this.
"Hey sis! What you doing?", Yang shouted out as she jumped onto her bed, located next to her sister's.
Ruby was laying on her back, wearing her cute pyjamas, consisting of a black tanktop with a wolf-like pattern and white pants with roses all over, while Yang was dressed in an orange top with a red fire symbol at the front and black shorts/hot pants.
"I'm just thinking about how I could make it up to Weiss so she won't be that hostile towards me anymore for what happened between us...", Ruby replied.
"Well... how about you tell her you're sorry and that you're gonna do something special for her", Yang suggested, which resulted in a pillow being thrown to her face.

"I have no idea still, but i wanna stand by my word...", the young teen said.
Before she could say anything else, she was interrupted by a familiar voice.
"So, still wanna make it up to me?", Weiss asked as she looked down on Ruby with a strict facial expression, wearing a short bluish dress.
"Y-yeah, but I still have no idea how...", the girl with the silver-colored eyes replied and looked back at her in an almost sad way.
"Just as expected... luckily for you I have something in mind. Come with me... alone... without blondie!", Weiss ordered with a dominant tone in her voice.
"Hey! How dare you talk...", Yang started but was stopped by her sister.
"She's right. I have to do this by myself. What are we gonna do though?", Ruby asked and only got a short reply.
"You'll see... now come on...", the white haired girl told her and turned around to walk off, wearing some bluish slippers on her feet that fit the color of her dress.

Following despite not knowing what would await her, Ruby was led to a smaller room near the sleeping hall.
Wondering what Weiss wanted, Ruby followed her into the room, willing to improve their relationship somehow or at least make the seemingly short tempered and pampered girl calm down.
Taking seat on the only available chair in the room, the girl with the ice blue-colored eyes sat down and folded her legs, dangling the slipper of her left foot a bit as she did.
"Kneel down in front of me!", she then commanded.
Not happy about the tone in which she was spoken to, Ruby did as she was told though as she was feeling bad for screwing Weiss shortly after their arrival at Beacon Academy.

"S-so what is it you had in mind?", Ruby asked nervously.
"Oh it's simple really. I don't have any servants around to ask to do it, so I want YOU to do their usual job and rub my feet. They hurt from all the running and walking in my boots today".
"That's it? I massage your feet and you'll forgive me?", the dark-haired girl asked in surprise.
"Who said you are forgiven then? Besides... you are right for once. I should have you do more than just a foot rub. Something that I wouldn't tell my servants to do. Anywho... get to work, while I think!", Weiss then ordered, dangling her left slipper some more.

"Got it...", Ruby replied and grabbed the left foot of the blue-dressed girl in front of her.
"Hey! Be more gentle! I've got sensitive skin you know...", Weiss then told her with annoyance in her voice.
"Ok, sorry", the girl on the floor replied and tried to be more gentle.
Slipping off the slipper, Ruby was looking at a perfectly pampered size 7.5 foot, with short but slender toes, showing a french pedicure and a small blue ice crystal being painted on each nail.
The skin is pale and as soft as silk, if not softer even, without any visible blemish.

Even though she doesn't have a foot fetish, Ruby was stunned by how beautiful Weiss' foot looked and felt as after a few seconds of just staring, she began the massage with gentle rubs from heels to toes, going slowly up and down.
"Mmmmmm that's an ok start mmmmmm seems you like my feet mmmmmm", Weiss said between slight moans.
"Well Weiss... I-I'm not a foot person, but yours look nicely taken care off. Never seen feet like those before", she replied and blushed a bit as she said it, rubbing a bit stronger.
"Well mmmmmmm thanks. Regular pedicures mmmmm and lotioning every morning and mmmmmmm evening mmmm do the deal mmmmmm", the white-haired teen explained while moaning a little louder.

"I see.. I should try that too", Ruby replied and massaged up and down the perfect sole, pressing deeper into the skin.
"MMMMMM this is nice~", Weiss moaned out in growing enjoyment of the foot rub.
"Nice to hear you enjoy it Weiss", the younger teen said and smiled a bit as she continued for another minute, before massaging the fellow student's toes.
"MMMMMMMMMMM Ohhhhh my toes MMMMMMMMM needed that MMM!".
Enjoying the massage for a bit longer, Weiss pulled her foot away and held up the other one.
"Now the other foot, servant~", she then said and grinned, enjoying the power she had over the weapon fan, even more as she willingly accepted it, just to be forgiven.

Without losing any second, the second slipper was removed and revealed the equally perfect right foot on the sword user.
Instead of staring this time, Ruby began to massage Weiss' foot right away.
With the experience from the other foot she pressed her thumbs deep into the white-haired teen's arches and heels.
"MMMMMMMMM I could get MMMMM used to this MMMM!", Weiss moaned in delight of how Ruby's soft hands rubbed her naked foot.
Remaining silent, the dark-haired girl continued to massage all over the sole and toes.
Trying her best to make the girl in front of her feel better, it seemed to be successful as the seemingly short-tempered teen girl moaned loudly.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Wow MMMMMM you're better MMMMMM than expected".
Despite the delight she was feeling from the massage, Weiss had enough after a total of about 5 minutes.
"Stop now!", she ordered, which Ruby obediently did.

"So I'm done? I can go now?", she asked excitedly.
".....No!", Weiss replied and held Ruby's chin up with her left foot.
Looking her deep in the eyes, she grinned widely, with a hint of sadism on her face.
"I'm not done with you yet. I just decided to have more fun with you, while we have this time together", Weiss then added, sounding a little playful and seductive even.
"W-what do you mean? Can you explain it to me", Ruby asked in reply, wondering what the girl with the light blue eyes was planning to do.
"I'll show you", she simply replied and pressed her heavenly soft feet on Ruby's face.

Yelping in surprise, she struggled and squirmed a bit.
"Hey, what are you doing~?", she asked.
"You're gonna serve my feet some more. Here, sniff them!", Weiss commanded and pressed her feet a bit harder against the younger teen's face.
"Nnnnnggggghh why that?", she asked from behind the feet.
"It's simple. You said you wanna make it up to me and in order to do so, I want you to do this. Besides... you should be thankful I've had a shower and used some expensive coconut lotion. Fresh out of my boots after a long day in them can be compared to cheese forgotten in the hot summer sun, rather than coconuts", Weiss explained as she rubbed her feet on the kneeling girl's face.
Not wanting to imagine how the smell of Weiss' feet must be when the boots come off, she shuddered a bit, but inhaled the sweet exotic smell.

Meanwhile in the sleeping hall, Yang was pretty bored and decided to join Blake, who was reading a book.
"Hey, any idea where Ruby and Weiss went?", she asks the black-haired girl with a cute cat-like bow worn in her hair.
"No...", the amber-eyed teen replied, wanting nothing more than read her book in peace.
"It's been over 20 minutes already... I wonder...", the blonde-teen said, but then got interrupted by Blake.
"If it was over 20 minutes, then Ruby was probably torn apart by Weiss already... Now if you excuse me I wanna read....", she said, but then in return was interrupted by Yang, who grabbed her arm and pulled her up.
"Let's search for them! I think they went this way~!", Yang exclaimed and pointed towards a small hallway, pulling Blake after her, who appeared to be rather annoyed to have been disturbed from reading.

Back in the small room, things had gotten past the point of simple foot sniffing as Ruby was holding both of Weiss' feet by the ankle and kissed them deeply, both girls blushed a little.
"MMMMMMMMMM Wow MMMMMMM I didn't know this MMMMMMMM felt so good! MMMMMM The toes now!", Weiss said and instructed Ruby on how she wanted her to do it.
Ruby nodded in reply and pressed her soft lips against the even softer toes on the older teen's feet, causing her to let out even louder moans.
Leaning back and almost melting into the chair from the wonderful sensations she was feeling, Weiss had more in store for Ruby.
After making her kiss her soles and toes for several minutes more, she gave out the next order.
Slightly reluctant, yet not wanting to anger Weiss - even more so since she was relaxed for once - Ruby licked those delightful soles close to her face.

"OHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMM THIS IS AWESOME~!", Weiss moaned in pure bliss, greatly loving the licks.
"I'm happy to hear it... i guess", Ruby replied and dragged her tongue up and down the white-haired girl's feet.
"MMMMMMMMMMMM SUCH A SOFT AND WARM MMMMMMMMMMM TONGUE!!", the dominant teen and heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, moaned even louder, absolutely loving the feeling of having her feet licked.
While moving her warm and wet tongue from heels to balls and listening to Weiss' moans of pleasure, Ruby had something on her mind.
"This is humiliating, but at least her feet are beautiful and smell good... also this foot stuff isn't too bad at all... Things could be a lot worse or embarrassing I guess", she thought.

Just as that thought came to her mind, the door to the room suddenly opened.
Surprised and jumping at the sudden event, Weiss and Ruby both moved their heads towards the door, their gazes focusing on whoever opened the door.
To their great dismay, it was Blake and Yang staring at them in a mix of surprise and big confusion.
With Weiss and Ruby looking at each other for a minute and blushing deeply, they then looked back at the other two, with Ruby still holding the wet-soled bare feet in her hands.
Remaining silent for almost 20 seconds Blake finally said something.

"Um... well...", was all she could get out though at the greatly unexpected sight.
"Hehe... awkward~", Yang commented bluntly as she saw what Ruby and Weiss were doing.
There was no possibility to deny what happened between those two, as Ruby still had the feet close to her face, with the soles being covered in saliva.
"You idiot! Didn't I tell you to lock the door?", Weiss yelled at Ruby, who just looked back at her and shook her head.
"No you didn't. Why didn't you do it?", she asked in reply, noticing that efforts of the past 30 minutes to calm Weiss had been futile thanks to the interruption.
"Gah! Can't you do anything right?", Weiss angrily asked.
Not getting an answer from the girl at her feet, everything went silent again.

Another few seconds of complete silence passed, until Yang spoke out what Blake was most likely wondering about too.
"What have you two been doing here all alone, huh?", she asked with a slight teasing tone in her voice.
"W-well to make up for my mistake Weiss told me to massage her feet and when i was done she pressed her feet on my face and ordered me to sniff them and then kiss and lick them and then you guys came in", Ruby explained, talking faster and faster as she did.
"Why am I not surprised to see this from the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company? Isn't there anything else you guys...", Blake said as she sighed and looked at Weiss, but was interrupted by Yang who dragged her into the room and closed the door.
"THAT sounds like fuuuuuuuuun~", Yang shouted out in a cheerful voice and 'forced' Blake to sit down on the desk, next to the chair Weiss was sitting on.

"What are you doing?", the girl with the amber eyes asked, partly annoyed, partly surprised, while the equally aged blonde answered without words.
Yang simply picked Blake's feet up, that had gotten a bit dusty from walking on the floor barefooted.
The black-haired teen's feet were a size 8.5, thus one size bigger than those of Weiss, with medium long and slightly pudgy toes, painted in a dark purple tone, as well as pillow soft and flawless soles.
"Pretty, but a lil dusty. I clean them a bit~", Yang said cheerfully and used her fingertips to try and get the bit of dust and dirt off the fellow student's soles, unintentionally tickling them.

"Nnnnggghh", Blake let out and bit her lip a bit as she felt the fingers stroking her sensitive soles.
While Yang continued her tries to clean Blake's  feet a little, the still surprised girl, wearing what looks like a black Yukata, bit her lip a little harder and eventually started to giggle.
"Oh? Does this tickle? Coochie coo~", Yang teased and began to tickle the girl with the long black hair.
"Ihihihihihihihi stahahahahahap thahahahat Yahahahang!", she ordered between loud giggles, but couldn't get the cheerful blonde to stop.

With Ruby and Weiss watching in surprise about what they were seeing, Ruby used the distraction and gave the white-haired girl's soles a few gentle strokes.
"Ehehehehehehe hey! Stahahahap thahahahat!", she ordered and pushed her feet against Ruby's shoulders to make her fall backwards.
"Whoa~!", the young teen squealed a bit in surprise.
As she was trying to get up, she was overwhelmed by the older teen who trapped Ruby's feet under one arm and gave them slow and teasing scratches, using her long and also perfectly manicured nails.
"AHAHAHAHA NO NO HAHAHAHA THAHAHAHAT TICKLES!!", Ruby laughed while her soft and petite size 6 were tickled.
"Serves you right for screwing me over and over", Weiss replied and increased the scratches.
"IHIHIHIHIHIHI I'M SOHOHOHOHOHOHOHORRY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEHEHEHEASE NOT THE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NAHAHAHAHAHAHAILS!", the weapon-loving girl begged as Weiss seemed to enjoy tickling the helpless girl that was at her every mercy now.
While laughing loudly, Ruby banged her fists on the floor and failed in her attempts to get free.

While the girls in red and white were occupied with each other, the black and yellow girls were still busy with each other.
Yang kept stroking Blake's soles happily and slowly increased in intensity and speed.
Equally with the giggles and laughter, Blake's anger rose.
"AHAHAHA CUT IHIHIHIHIT OUT YANG HAHAHAHAHA LAST WARNING IHIHIHI!!", she threatened between her laughter, but fell on deaf ears.
"Ah come on Blake, it's nice to hear you laugh for a change. Tickle tickle~", the blonde teased as she spidered her fingertips quickly against the incredibly soft soles.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU HAHAHAHA ASKED FOR IT IYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!", Blake shouted out in laughter and pressed her feet roughly against Yang's face.
It wasn't her attention to be rough, but at least it worked as it made the purple-eyed teen stop the tickling.
Yelping in surprise as she got lightly kicked in the face by Blake, Yang tried to recover when suddenly...

"Um... what's going on here? You having a party?", someone asked, making the girls stop right away and look over to the door again.
Stood at the open door was a tall, blonde guy, known as Jaune, whom Ruby had met the day before right after arriving at Beacon Academy.
"Well... may I join the party?", he then asked in a nice and shy way.
Looking at each other for a moment the girls looked back at him.
"NO!", they all shouted in unison.
They even threw Weiss' slippers at him.
"Ok ok...", Jaune said and walked out, then suddenly turned around.
"How about now?!?", he asked all cheerful, but only earned glares.
He slowly closed the door as he left, leaving the girls behind.

"We should do this again!", Yang said as they all left the room together and got ready to go to bed.
"Shut up...", a still blushed Weiss said and went to bed, as did the others to get some rest and recover for a new day at Beacon Academy.
This is a story (hopefully the first and start of many others to come) about the wonderful animated show called RWBY, created by the amazing Monty Oum (also known for Red vs. Blue) and presented on Rooster Teeth.

Ever since my buddy :icondreadlord175: has shown me the trailer for Ruby, I was hyped up about the show and after months of waiting the show is finally airing now. I absolutely love it so far and can't wait for more :)
Who knows... maybe I'll write about the girls again sometime soon once more episodes are out.
The idea for this came after watching Episode 3 for the 10th time or something (no joke, i really watched it that often)

I'm addicted to the show and hope one or the other who doesn't know it yet, will watch it too and get to like it as well.
To watch the episodes visit or to get more info check out

Please everyone comment and let me know how you like this story.
I need all the feedback I can get!
Thanks in advance to those who do so :)

RWBY and all the girls and places named are (c) to Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth
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Caboose80 Sep 15, 2013  Student Artist
Great story!
featherblade2008 Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a lot!
Glad you enjoyed it!
Caboose80 Sep 16, 2013  Student Artist
Caboose80 Sep 15, 2013  Student Artist
Ps, if you added toe sucking into it, it would be PERFECT.
This was awesome. The story was actually easy to visualise, as if it was animated like the way it is now. And just like others had said, the characters were represented well!
featherblade2008 Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much.
I'm happy to hear you could imagine this story.
It is one of my aims to describe situations so others can visualize what's happening :)
Well, you've done extremely well then. And uhh... i don't know about you, but can you see Caboose of all people approving this story? ;)
HyperEidos Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Its really cool to see that you've heard of this as a Roosterteeth fan. While its still OK to be introduced to Roosterteeth through RWBY, I think its even better to be a fan of other stuff the company has done. I can't wait for the new episode tomorrow!
featherblade2008 Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the comment!
I've learned about RT by watching RWBY and i gotta say they make great stuff so I regularly get on there to check the latest stuff. :)
Sorry for the late reply, real life stuff kept me from really doing much on here
HyperEidos Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Real life stuff preventing you from doing stuff on deviant? Trust me dude, I understand. RT does make good stuff, and I think RWBY has a lot of potential. Have you checked out some of their Let's Plays? 
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