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June 11, 2013
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Headless Foot Fun

After finishing their recent tour, the Vocaloid girls finally have some free time to spend. Today, on their first day off, Miku Hatsune, Luka Megurine, Rin Kagamine and Haku Yowane are out in town, shopping, eating and generally hanging out.
While they have a lot of fun on their free day, they are unaware that someone sneaks into Miku's hotel room in the meantime.

A person wearing all black, with black hair and blue eyes sneaks into the nice big room the teal-haired singer inhabits.
"Hmm... what could I best use for my plan...?", the person asks out loud and has a look around the nicely arranged room.
Spotting a leek rod, Miku's most popular and well-known item, the person walks over to the small table it is laying on.
Touching it's surface, the leek rod starts glowing a little and remains in this state for seemingly no apparent reason.
After having a look around the room for a bit longer, the mysterious person hears footsteps coming close to the room and accompanying voices to go with them.

"Yeah it was a lot of joy today hehe. So see ya in 20 minutes in my room", a cheerful voice says while the room's front door slowly opens.
Hearing the sounds from the floor and the ones at the door, the person climbs out of the window and hides on a fire escape ladder, that luckily is just next to the window.
The person manages to get out just in time with Miku stepping into her room.

"Ah that was fun, but so exhausting~", the singer says as she jumps onto her soft bed and just relaxes for a few minutes, while the possible stalker carefully peeks into her room every now and then.
Unaware of that, Miku gets up and spots the still slightly glowing leek rod on the small table  across the room.
"Huh? Why is it glowing?", she asks herself in a mix of confusion and curiosity.
"It looks a little like some kind of magic rod or anything", she jokes and picks the leek up and waves it around a little like it actually was a wand.
To the star's surprise, the leek glows stronger for a moment, just to calm a short moment after.

"What happened? My neck feels strange...", she says and puts the leek back onto the table, then puts her hands to her neck and tries to find out what the strange feeling was she just felt.
Rubbing her neck for a bit, the unbelievable happens.
As she moves her hands up, she suddenly takes her head off of her neck, as if it was just a mask.
"Whaaaaa~! I took my head off?!?", she says in slight panic and a big amount of confusion, as she holds her head in her hands.
If someone was to stand in front of her it would look like a successful halloween prank or something similar.

After the first shock is gone and Miku has a look around, from a much different perspective though, she experiments a bit by doing things like putting her head on backwards or putting it on a table while watching her own body doing poses.
"Wow.. once you get used to this it's kinda cool. I gotta show the girls this amazing trick!", she shouts out happily as she puts her head back on, this time in the right direction though.
Waving the magically enhanced leek rod once again, Miku notices another glow.
Once done, she tries to lift her head off again, but finds out that it wouldn't work.
"So... waving once means i can separate my head from my body and waving again I can reverse it and connect them again. Gotta keep that in mind", the superstar speaks to herself and looks at the time.
"The girls should be here in a bit", she then adds.
Only a few seconds later, there is a knock on her door.
Excited to show the others what she just discovered, Miku opens the door with a big smile on her face.

"Please come in girls. I have something really cool to show you~!", the teal-haired girl says as Luka, Rin and Haku walk in.
"You seem really excited Miku-chan. What is it you wanna show us?", Rin asks and smiles too.
"I will show you. Lay down on my bed please and put your hands to your necks. I know it sounds strange, but you'll be amazed", Miku explains and just ignores the weird looks, mostly Luka and Haku point towards her.
Rin however immediately does as she is told, curious about the thing the older teen wants to show her and the others.
"Um... it indeed sounds strange, but if it makes you happy Miku...", Haku replies and rolls her eyes a little, then lays down too, while Luka just watches, but finally gets on the bed herself.
Laying down on her belly, right next to Haku, the pink and silver-haired performers also hold their necks, despite their doubts about the strange request.

"Ok girls, get ready to be amazed!", Miku shouts out in seemingly growing enthusiasm as she then waves the vegetable wand - also known as leek - in the air and creates another glow, then lays it aside just as she did before.
"Now girls, grab your necks and give it a gentle pull", she orders her friends in a polite way.
While Haku forms a facial expression that says "You're crazy!", her eyes widen while Rin begins to squeal on the other side of the bed.
"Wooooooooow~! This is so cool!", the blonde singer and youngest of the quartet shouts out as she is holding her head, just like Miku did a few minutes earlier.
Without a doubt amazed as well, but remaining silent, Luka looks at herself as she turns her head around, using her hands.
After noticing that it really seems to work, Haku gives it a try herself and pulls her head off too.

"Isn't this just awesome?", Miku asks and grins at the others.
Despite hearing Miku's words, they don't really pay attention as they look around and get used to the unfamiliar situation.
"No worries girls. If I wave the leek again your heads will be back on your necks", Miku explains.
Giving them a bit of time to at least partly realize what happened, the teen idol grins.
"I have a suggestion. How about we let our bodies rest here and take our heads somewhere else to the neighboring part of this room? Might make it more relaxing and we can freely talk without the weights of our bodies hindering us".

"This is crazy, but sounds like a good idea...", Luka says, still feeling a little uneasy about having her head separated from the rest of her body.
"I agree! This sounds like fun!", Rin adds and agrees, while Haku answer with a short, "Okay...".
Hearing the talk through the opened window, the stranger grins widely at the suggestion Miku just made to her friends.

"Well then it's settled. I'll do the same in a bit, but so you can remain on the beds, I'll carry your head over", Miku offers and after getting allowed to do so, she carries the heads of her friends and fellow singers over to the next room.
"Ok then, now it's time to enjoy a nice convo free from everything, even our bodies hehe", Miku giggles as she places her own head on the table,  positioned so the girls could look at each other while talking, as her body stumbles blindly towards the bed.
After taking a few bumps and accidently groping Rin's butt, it finishes it's way, so the four headless bodies are resting on the bed next to each other, while the heads remain together in the neighboring room.

As the Vocaloid talk about different things, the stranger crawls back into Miku's hotel room, through the same window as before.
With a huge grin on the face, the black dressed person waves the hands around and just a moment later all footwear, meaning shoes and boots as well as socks and stockings, are magically dragged off their feet. Quickly after, black shackles appear on wrists and ankles, effectively tying the bodies down to the wonderful big bed Miku usually spends the nights in.

As it happens, the girls get surprised expressions on their faces and squeak in surprise.
"Um... not sure about you girls, but I just felt my shoes and socks fly off and my hands and feet tied somewhat...", Rin says, while the others reveal to have felt the same thing.
"Is that another magic trick of yours Miku? If so, it's not a funny one, I can't move too much", Haku states and sounds a little annoyed.
"No it's not, I have nothing to do with this", she says and is wondering about the reason for the strange feeling, just as much as Rin, Luka and Haku.

"Why is this happening? I don't understand it... when I tried this out it didn't happen", Miku then say as she is in deep thoughts.
"No need to think. That was me!", a female voice speaks and enters the room.
While stood behind the teal-haired superstar's head, who's hair is hanging down to the floor, everyone else could see the black dressed girl looking at them.
"Who are you?", Haku asks, while Rin interferes.
"You must be a cosplayer. You look very much like....", she starts, but is interrupted.
"No! I'm not a cosplayer. I'm the real one. I'm Black Rock Shooter", she says and grins widely.

"Black Rock Shooter? What is your business with us?", Miku asks, who still can't see the unwanted guest behind her.
"Well I just wanna have some fun with you girls and since we are talking so nicely. I'm the re reason you girls were able to remove your heads from your bodies and the reason why you are all tied down. Actually I only planned to do it to Miku, but since you girls were with her too, I thought getting four girls instead of one is four times the fun", she explains and giggles.

"Have fun with us? What do you mean?", Luka asks, while this time Haku adds to it.
"Don't you dare try anything funny with us!".
"Besides you girl have no chance to escape you can consider yourselves lucky i'm not a pervert like some of your fanboys. I'm not hear to touch your hot spots, but do something different. I assume one of you is gonna ask me what I wanna do. I'm not telling, you'll feel it", Black Rock Shooter (BRS) explains and walks out again, with Haku yelling after her.
"Hey don't just run away!! Let us go!!!".

Instead of doing so, BRS walks over to the bed and kneels down at the side of the bed, right in front of Rin's trapped bare feet.
Taking a look at them she see's a pair of pillow soft size 6 feet, with flawless soles and short slender toes polished in yellow.
"They are so cute and soft~", BRS says to herself as she gently rubs along the left sole.
While the captor enjoys the feeling and sight of the blonde girl's bare feet, Rin's head is responding to the sensations.
"Mmmm she's mmm rubbing my feet", the female part of the Kagamine twins moans and wiggles her toes in response, while the others are looking at her relaxed facial expression.

Rin's feet are rubbed gently for a bit longer, while at the same time BRS moves her face close to those delicious looking feet in front of her.
Taking a deep whiff she notices a medium smell of sweat, mixed with a slightly stronger smell of oranges.
"Mmmmmm such a sweet smell~",  she says quietly to not be heard by her "victims".
Smelling and rubbing a bit more, BRS decides to have more fun and begins to plant kisses all over the blondes soles and toes.
As she does, she can hear the girl's moans from the other room.
"MMMMMMMM OHHHHH MMMMMM!", Rin moans in delight at the sensations she was feeling.
"What's going on Rin-chan?", Miku asks curiously.
"MMMMMM MY FEET MMMMM ARE KISSED!", the young performer keeps moaning as a cute blush appears on her cheeks.
"Wow... now I'm jealous", Miku says and blushes as she says it, revealing that she seems to want to have her feet treated.
Judging by the blush on their cheeks, Luka and even Haku seem to feel the same, yet they don't state it clearly.

"Oh? It sounds like Rin enjoys it and Miku wants it too", BRS says to herself as she listens to what the girls say, unaware that the foot loving kidnapper could hear them.
Taking a step further, the black-haired girl begins lapping at Rin's cute little soles.
"Mmmmmmm they are wonderful~", she speaks happily, listening to the young teens reactions.
"Ohhhhhh MMMMM such a warm MMMMMM wet tongue~", she moans in pleasure and closes her eyes, while her friends watch and envy her, hoping that they will receive the same treat.
"My... seems that we are lucky our captor is a girl with a foot fetish", Luka speaks and grins, which is met by approval of Haku and Miku.

Rin meanwhile feels like in heaven as she keeps moaning from having her soles licked more and more intense as time is passing.
Once her soles are all wet, BRS moves on to gently suck on the short slim toes.
"MMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHH MY TOES MMMMMMM!", Rin moans out while soft purring could be heard in the bedroom.
"Such tasty toes she has~", BRS thinks as she keeps sucking on the little digits.

The youngest of the four idols moans for about two more minutes before stopping.
With a bright blush on her cheeks, she smiles happily.
"Ah, this felt so wonderful~. I love having my feet serviced like that", the blonde singer states.
Just seconds after Rin stops moaning, Miku lightly purrs.
"Ohhhhh I'm next it seems mmmmm", she speaks and smiles warmly.
On the other side, BRS has a close look and feel of the teal-haired Vocaloid's bare feet.
With a size 7, they are one size bigger than Rin's and have a teal polish on their medium long and slightly pudgy toes.
Her soles are just as flawless as her blonde friend's and give off a slight smell of sweat, overwhelmed by a nice lavender smell.

"Wow, those girls have some great feet. Was a good idea to play with them", BRS says to herself.
Unlike the first pair of feet, she begins with a massage by digging her thumbs deep into the smooth skinned soles in front of her, a sight many of Miku's foot fans would die for.
"MMMMMM Oh wooooow MMMMM", the idol responds and moans in pleasure as her shackled feet are rubbed so skillfully.
While Rin still smiles happily, Luka and Haku wiggle their bare feet in impatience.
Hearing the moans of delight their friends make, they can't wait for their turn to come.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM This feels so MMMMMMMM wonderful", Miku moans louder as her feet are continuously massaged for a while, her blush deepening.
"I love those feet~", BRS thinks and moves on by playfully nibbling on the idol's sweet pudgy toes, which makes the recipient giggle gently.
"Hehehehehe this tihihihihickles a bit hihihihi but fehehehels nice hehehe", she giggles.
"Oh? What does she do Miku-chan?", Luka asks curiously.
"Ehehehehe my tohohohohoes are nihihihihibbled on hehehe. I lihihihihike thihihihis", she replies while giggling happily.

Letting out slight moans herself, BRS continues nibbling on each of Miku's lovely toes for about 15 seconds before moving on to the next one.
Once the row is complete, the pale skinned girl remains at the last toe she has nibbled and starts sucking on it, for about 15 seconds again, before continuing with the second toe.
This change of action greatly reduces the giggles and greatly increases the moans coming from the other side of the hotel room.
"MMMM wooooow MMMMM oh yesssss MMMM", the further blushing superstar moans.
"How lucky can I be. The Rin and Miku enjoy having their feet played with. I wonder if the other two do as well", BRS thinks as she completes sucking on the second set of cute toes she's played with already.

Indicating that the session is over, BRS gently strokes Miku's soles one more time before letting go off them.
"Ehehehehehehehehehehehe", she giggles before going silent.
"I guess that was it", she then states and looks at Haku and Luka.
"I wonder who is next", Rin says looking in the same direction.
"Luka is!", Haku exclaims before adding, "I was laying at the end of the bed so if Black Rock Shooter is going from girl to girl, then Luka must be next".
Indeed, Haku is right, as just a glimpse of a second later, Luka starts to purr in enjoyment.

BRS is looking at Luka's feet.
They are a big size 9, with long and slender toes, painted in a light blue and high arched soles which are soft to the peak.
"My, such perfectly pampered feet. Today indeed is my lucky day~", BRS says happily as she kisses the tops of Luka's feet while sniffing right in between her toes.
Noticing a medium smell of cheese, mixed with an equally strong smell of vanilla, the black-haired girl greatly enjoys the pink-haired performer's bigger feet.
Upon hearing the purring coming from the other side of the wall, BRS increases the intensity of the kisses and presses her lips a little harder onto the soft skinned tops of Luka's perfectly shaped bare feet.

"Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh this is mmmmmmm simply amazing", the young idol moans in delight as the tops of her feet are serviced.
While Miku and Rin look at their friend with a big smile, Haku gets more and more nervous.
She is almost desperate to have her feet licked, kissed or pampered in general.
"MMMMMM! OHHHHH!", Luka then shouts out in enjoyment, as on the other side BRS begins to lick around and between each of the singer's long sexy toes.
"Such tasty toes~", BRS says happily and almost purrs again herself in enjoyment of the delicious treats which are at her full mercy, just like the other three pairs of bare feet.
"MMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHH YESSSSSS MMMMMM!", Luka moans even louder as her worshipper is slurping away at her toes.

"Those are too beautiful to resist, but those soles need love too...", BRS quietly speaks to herself and starts sucking on Luka's toes, but at the same time presses her thumbs into the silky soles to rub them up and down.
This mix of pleasures, makes Luka go wild.
"MMMMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHHH I'M IN HEAVEN MMMMMMMMM!!", she moans out loudly, leaving her friends and fellow idols wonder about the things being done to her.
"What's going on Luka-chan?", Miku asks curiously and probably speaks for Rin and Haku too, as the three 'abandoned' heads look in the same direction, towards a Luka who has her beautiful blue eyes closed at the moment.

"Wow that makes it 3 out of 4 who enjoy this", BRS meanwhile thinks as she hears the heavy moans through the open door to the bedroom
Over the next few minutes the foot-loving girl sucks harder and harder on those long smooth digits and intensifies the massage too.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SO PERFECT MMMMMMMMMMMM I'M SO HAPPY MMMMMMMMMM!", Luka moans in pure bliss about the things done to her feet, before slowly stopping.
"This was.... simply amazing...", she says and pants after moaning and purring for all this time, a deep blush spreading on her face.

Just a few seconds later, Haku's eyes widen and she clenches her teeth.
"Are you alright Haku-san?", Rin asks as she sees the reactions.
The white-haired young woman doesn't reply but instead let's out some different sounds.
"Nnnnggghhh nnnggg!", is all that is heard from her for a short while.
In the following seconds, her facial expression turns to one that looks like anything else but pleasure and enjoyment.
BRS is sat stroking and teasing her skin in the neighboring room.
"Those soles are amazing and so sensitive~", she says happily as she takes a close look at the feet in front of her.
Her fingertips slowly tracing along the soles in little circles and her nose pressing into the toes, BRS explores Haku's naked soles.
She is surprised, but in a happy way about Haku's feet.

They are a very big size 10.5 (even more amazing, considering she's a japanese woman), with short and pudgy toes painted in purple and very long as well as quite wide soles which feel pillow soft.
Unlike the others that mix up the smells or had the lotion to be smelled more, Haku's feet have only a slight scent of caramel, but a strong sweaty smell to them.
If judged on a scale from 1 to 10, the intensity of the smell could be put as somewhere between 8 and 9.
Blushing a little, yet enjoying the smell BRS continues the tease for a short while.

As if knowing how far she is driving Haku to the edge, with a sudden move she begins to scratch her fingernails up and down the long arches.
After holding back for so long and trying to remain like this, the big-footed girl squeals, followed by a fit of loud laughter.
"IYAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH NO HAHAHAHAHA IHIHIHIHIHIHI!!", she laughs, much to the surprise of the others who would have expected moans.
The nails scribbling quicker against her highly sensitive skin cause the white-haired performer to laugh even more.
"Perhaps you should have been nicer to her...", Miku says.
"Yeah", Luka replies in agreement, while Rin grins and giggles a bit.
"See it positively Haku-san. You at least can't laugh your head off hehe!", she then says, followed by Miku and Luka having a good laugh.

Having mercy with poor Haku, BRS stops the tickling and licks deep into the soles to stop the tingly feeling it caused.
"MMMM OHHH NOW MMMMM WE'RE TALKING", Haku moans once the tickling turns into licking and the laughter turn into moans.
BRS presses her tongue even deeper into the smooth soles and gently rubs the small toes.
"MMMMMMMMMM I love this! MMMMMMMMMM!", the Vocaloid moans and spreads her toes in enjoyment.
"This is so cute hehe", the pale girl says happily and giggles, while intensifying the toe rub and sole licking.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMM OHHHHH YESSSS THAT'S MMMMMM IT!", Haku moans louder as the pleasure given to her feet increases.

The fun goes on for a short while until Haku's moans get really loud.
While the other girls think about the stuff that could possibly be done to their friend's feet, BRS happily worshipped the white-haired idol's big soles.
The moans get this loud, thanks to BRS beginning to suck on Haku's insteps and well-rounded heels, while still massaging every single toe individually.
From second to second, she sucks harder on the named spots, sending Haku on a trip to paradise.

Unfortunately for her, it only lasted a minute longer before the pleasure stops completely.
Left panting and - like the others before - blushing deeply from all  the excitement and delight, Haku grins happily.
Left to wait for about 1 or 2 minutes, BRS comes back to the girls and smiles happily.
"So from the sounds of it you girls enjoyed yourselves just as much as I did, right?", she asks with a big smile.

"Yeah it was awesome! Thanks!", Rin shouts out happily.
"It was fun. I was a little scared at first. I'm glad you just wanted our feet", Miku then adds with a sweet smile.
Still flushed from the previous experience Haku only manages to mutter a short: "Thanks".
Luka meanwhile smiles brightly.
"It was a great experience. I'd like to have my head back on my body now though, please", she says.
"Sure, just a moment. I'll reconnect your heads and bodies right away", BRS nods and replies, then uses some of her powers/magic.
A moment later, the girls' heads disappear from the room and now appear back where they belong.
The shackles that tied their bodies dissolve so the four of them are free now.

"Well then, I gotta leave now. Thanks for letting me have fun and glad you enjoyed it", BRS says shortly after and is about to leave.
Whispering to each other for a short moment, Luka then grins.
"Thank you too for the fun time. Would you mind staying for a moment longer? We have a small present for you", the pink-haired performer speaks and smiles.
"Oh? Ok sure", BRS replies, curious about the present she is gonna receive.
Walking over to the girls, she suddenly is pulled onto the bed and has her hands tied above her head to the headboard, using Miku's stockings as restraints.
"W-what are you doing?", BRS asks nervously while Rin removes her boots and ties her ankles together with Luka's stockings.

"Well as much fun as it was, you pretty much tricked us and so our present to you is that we are gonna be having fun with you now too", Miku explains with a wide grin on her face.
"And w-what e-exactly i-is this fun?", the black-haired guest asks and gets more nervous.
Once getting in certain positions, the girls are ready to show her what they are up to.
Instead of saying anything, BRS gets her answer when Rin wiggles her short and swift fingers into her buttery soft and hairless armpits.
"HAHAHAHA OH NO HAHAHAHA!! NOT THAHAHAHAT!!", she begs and laughs as soon as her armpits are tickled.
"Oh no worries, your armpits isn't the only thing you'll have to worry about hehehe", Miku giggles while Rin's nimble fingers spider quicker against the sensitive armpits.
Adding to it, Haku uses her long nails to dig into BRS' equally sensitive ribs and stomach.

"KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IHIHIHIHIHI PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE NOHOHOHOHO HAHA!", her laughter increase, yet that isn't all she's gonna have to take.

Letting a few seconds pass, Luka's fingers explore her inner thighs to look for a reaction.
This isn't the worst though.
Once a few more seconds of ticklish agony pass for her, BRS' eyes widen in horror, when Miku begins to dig her sharp fingernails into her tender soles and ticklishly scratches at them.
The poor victim of the gang tickling, breaks out into heavy laughter from her treatment.

Unfortunately for Black Rock Shooter, the girls do not stop for the next 60 minutes.
Ending up with tears streaming down her bright red face and gasping for air, the pale-skinned girl hugs Miku and the others for goodbye and leaves.
Despite being very tired from the previous tickling, she is really happy about the past hours. Having planned to worship Miku's feet, her plan turned into a huge foot party as she got Luka's, Rin's and Haku's feet as a wonderful bonus.

As for our singers...
After finding out that all of them seem to enjoy having their feet pampered, worshipped and teased, they decide to have regular foot meetings.
One could say that a magical turn of events has changed everyone's lives.

And for those who are wondering...
Once Black Rock Shooter left, the glowing leek magically disappeared...
This story is my part of an art trade with my great new friend :iconartnime97:.
He wanted to see the Vocaloid cuties Miku Hatsune, Luka Megurine , Rin Kagamine and Haku Yowane in a situation where their heads are magically split from their bodies and having Black Rock Shooter take advantage of this, by worshipping their feet.
Also he wanted to let the girls have revenge on her.

The idea for how she did it and what exactly happens as well as what the feet are like, was up to me.
I hope :iconartnime97: and everyone of you enjoys this is story, despite it's quite odd theme.
It was the first time I've written something going into this direction, so I hope it was alright^^;
As usual, please comment and let me know your opinion :)

Miku Hatsune, Luka Megurine , Rin Kagamine, Haku Yowane and Black Rock Shooter all belong to their respective owners
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gran historia ^^ estubo emocionante XD
featherblade2008 Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Muchas gracias!^^
Thanks a lot^^ Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for faving
jejejejeejejejej no problem....... sigue asi ^^
i just love this story!!! the more i read your stories, the more i appreciate them!! well done!! ;DDD
Had my reservations about picking this one up but it turned out to be a pretty good read!
featherblade2008 Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a lot!
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I was pretty surprised myself at how much fun it was and how many people liked it :)
Artnime97 Jun 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Great, just AMAZING i expected nothing less my friend!!! I knew i could leave this request to you, you're such an amazing writer. The TK, the descriptions of Haku's and Luka's feet, it was ridiculously awesome. Im really happy about this, thanks my friend ^^ after reading this i'll try to make the best drawing i can do just for you. I absolutely loved this story. Stay awesome ^^
featherblade2008 Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Great to hear you love this story :)
Thanks for the fav too!
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